How to change your Google location

Although most mobile phones come with GPS, that is not always the case with desktop and, to a lesser extent, laptop systems. As a result, browsers sometimes wrongly identify your location. It’s helpful to know how to manually change location on Google Chrome in such situations.

But first, it’s vital to recognize why this happened. The map you’re looking at may have your overall location correct, but not your exact street or even town. In the case of a GPS, your IP address is the next closest data point. This could cause your ISP’s most relative exchange to be miles off course, depending on where it is situated.

However, you can easily set your Google Chrome location using the developers to work. You can provide a better source of information for websites by changing the HTML 5 geolocation setting. Here’s how to get to the Google Chrome location settings:

How to Change Google’s Location Settings

You should open a webpage that uses the HTML 5 location API before continuing. Best VPN is the program we’ll be using. After you’ve given it the authorization to enter your computer, you can change your location by completing the instructions below:

Open developer settings

To open Chrome’s developer window, press Ctrl + Shift + I then press the three dots next to the Console heading at the bottom of your screen.

How to change your Google location

Click ‘Sensors’

How to change your Google location

Find your coordinates on Google Maps.

You’ll need the location of your house (or decoy coordinates if you want to expand your security) to change your Google location settings. To do so, go to Google Maps, search for your address, then right-click on your home and copy the numbers from the pop-up menu.

Change geolocation via your Chrome location settings

Insert your GPS coordinates into the appropriate boxes in the “Sensors” tab of Chrome’s developer settings. The longitude is the first number on your Google Maps pin, and the longitude is the second.

Refresh the map page

Press F5 or the refresh button next to your search bar to get to your test page. Your actual position should be the coordinates you provided.

Can you trick YouTube TV location?

YouTube TV is now only available in the United States. By linking to a server in the United States, a VPN can let you get past this. You’ll be issued a US IP address, which will trick YouTube into thinking you’re in us, allowing you to avoid YouTube TV’s limits.

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