How to Recover Deleted Emails

Unless you’re a digital collector, you will ultimately have to delete emails from your Gmail account. But what if you’re a little too excited when it comes to clicking the delete button, and you unintentionally delete something you shouldn’t have? Is it feasible for you to recover it? In a nutshell, yes and no. Let’s look at how to get your Gmail deleted emails restored.    

How to Recover Deleted emails

To begin, go to your trash. Click the three black lines in the top-left corner of the screen to find it. This brings up a list of your folders and labels. The trash can (in this case, Bin) is right at the bottom. Different languages you are using on your device; yours may change.)  

Now look for the email you are looking for. The email will be at the top of the list if you simply delete it. You could use the attendance search string to find it if it was removed some time ago.   

Once you have it, long-press the Email by pressing your finger on the left-hand circular icon until you see a tick. Now, tap the More button in the top-right corner of the screen (the three horizontal buttons). A menu that appears now. Make the decision to move.  

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Your Gmail account will then show a list of folders and labels. Select where you want the email to be sent. In most cases, the inbox is the best option. You could also restore the email to its original label. It’s totally your decision.

How to recover deleted emails from the Gmail trash on desktop

Go to your Trash folder on the left-hand side of the screen if you are using the desktop version of Gmail. You may have to click the More link to see it.   Locate your email in the Trash bin and select the checkbox next to it.   Now select where you want the email to be moved from the Move to menu.   Another option is to open the email and click the X to the right of the grey Trash label, which is unique to the Gmail desktop. Removing the Trash label returns the email to its original location in the inbox.  


How often does Gmail clear the trash automatically?

Gmail automatically deletes emails that have been in the trash for 30 days.  

Is it possible to recover something that’s been deleted from the trash?

No, in general. Deleted emails from Trash are forever lost if you only use the web version of Gmail. However, if you use IMAP/POP to back up your emails to a local email client, you might restore the deleted email from your PC. For this purpose, Recuva is a good free Windows tool, but there’s no assurance that the email will be restored.

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