How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions And History

The good news is that it keeps track of your recent searches, so if you want to visit a profile or hashtag in the future, you may use the history instead of searching.

When it comes to the drawbacks, whenever someone touches on the search box, their search history appears. If you use the Instagram search with a friend or colleague nearby, your privacy is definitely endangered, as they will learn about the persons whose profiles you have been stalking.

After all, the search conclusions are based on your previous searches. As a result, inappropriate ideas may anger you. And there are already enough threats to be worried about on Instagram.

If you don’t want that to happen, go ahead and remove your Instagram search history and suggestions right now. We’ll show you how to accomplish it on both iOS and Android in this guide.
Using the most current edition of the Instagram app, we have updated the steps and screenshots.

We used the Android app here, but the processes are largely the same for the iPhone, with a few minor design differences that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re familiar with the steps below.

So, let’s get this party started!

Clear Search History On Instagram

Please keep in mind that if you don’t want to delete your whole Instagram search history, you can delete select accounts from your search history. We’ve explored both methods so you can pick the one that works best for you.

Remove Entire Search History At Once

Go to your personal profile page.

Visit your profile in the Instagram app by tapping the profile symbol in the bottom right corner.

In Accounts, tap the burger icon in the upper right corner to bring up the slider menu, then tap Settings.

Go to the Privacy and Security section.

The Settings menu will appear. Select Privacy and security from the drop-down menu.

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Delete your search history

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Clear search history.

Verify it.

Finally, confirm that you want to clear your search history.
This will clear the Recent section of all accounts and hashtags. Go to the search bar and tap it to see if it worked.
However, the ideas will appear in the Suggested area, and they may still include accounts that you do not wish to view or appear.

Follow the steps below to remove search results. If you don’t want to delete anything, you can use the same techniques to remove specific accounts or hashtags from your Recent search history.

Delete Particular Instagram Search Suggestion Or History

Open the Instagram app and tap the search icon next to the Home button to start searching.
Then, at the top, tap the search bar. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll see the search results and history.
There will now be an x icon next to each idea. By tapping on it, you can delete that account or hashtag from the Recommended or Recent area.
If needed, you can use the same method to remove others. You can also conduct the third step after selecting a specific tab from the top, such as Accounts or Tags.

Please keep in mind that some accounts will always appear as suggestions based on your search activity. When they appear, you can use the above method to hide the ones you want.

Wrapping Up

However, I realize that seeing search results even after clearing the search history might be irritating, but Instagram does this to make it easier to interact with relevant accounts. Furthermore, they have given customers with some autonomy by allowing them to eliminate preferred suggested profiles.

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Please let us know if you have any questions or issues in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this information on social media if you found it useful.

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