How to Begin With Lost Ark Assassin Game | A Complete Guide

Lost Ark is the newest addition to the MMOARPG scene, and it brings a slew of new gaming mechanics to the table that had never been seen before. Set off on an adventure into the dark world to hunt for old royal riches while fighting bad people. Buy your favorite items from the market with Lost Ark Gold and use them to make new gear. There are five primary classes in the game, and you can choose one based on your fighting style at the outset.

  • Warrior
  • Martial Artist
  • Gunner
  • Mage
  • Assassin

This guide will teach you all you need to know about the Assassin class so you can remain ahead of the game and beat adversaries in a matter of seconds. But first, let’s define the Assassin class.

Assassin Advanced Classes

After power leveling your assassin class to ten, you can choose between two advanced assassin classes before starting your mission in Lost Ark. With MMOPIXEL’s boosting services, you may avoid the headache of compared with higher.

Regardless of the fact that both advanced classes perform very well in player-vs-player and player-vs-environment scenarios, you should pick a class wisely because it will have an impact on your future performance. The two advanced Assassin classes in Lost Ark are listed here, along with extra information


The ShadowHunter is the character in Raiders of the Lost Ark who specializes in using demonic powers in battle. Shapeshift to a more powerful demonic form with a single tap to improve your chances of winning the fight. Your character’s total health, speed, and agility will be increased as a result of this change.

In terms of damage per second effects, the ShadowHunter is at the top of the list. It can quickly fire multiple attacks to cause damage to foes in a wide area. With their amazing speed, they will cut through the army’s lineup no matter how huge it is.

Don’t worry if you’re far away from foes; you can still harm them with the spinning weapons, which is a medium-range weapons.

Skills of ShadowHunter

You’ll obtain the demonic vision skill at level 14, which causes unimaginable damage to foes. It’s a light beam that immediately kills any foes it comes into contact with. To increase the duration of the demonic vision skill and kill more opponents, upgrade it.

The second power in the list is a demonic clone, which turns you into a ShadowHunter clone. Before vanishing, the clone will administer three lethal blows to random targets. You have the option of maxing out the demonic clone skill, and pro players recommend doing so.

Death Blade

The Death Blade assassin uses three blades to do damage to enemies from three directions, something no other Lost Ark class can do. Two of the three swords are one-handed, while the third is a longsword that rests on your character’s back, and you can switch between them based on your attack combo.

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The power and speed of fast blows will astound you if you graduate right from the main assassin class to the death blade variant. This upgraded version allows you to combat many foes at once. It also has a high damage output, allowing you to finish tough bosses with fewer hits.

Skills of Death Blade

The Blade Dance talent will execute a combination of seven powerful yet quick sword blows, as well as a finishing blow to finish out the enemy. The Death Blade’s blade dance skill is acquired at character level ten, which is very early.

At level fourteen, the soul absorber skill becomes available, and it is regarded a boss-killing ability. It’s best used in end-game fights versus high-level opponents. After charging the soul absorber, you can use it on one adversary before waiting for the attack to recharge. Look for adversaries who form a line, since you can use the soul absorber talent to hit them multiple times.

How to Use Assassin Class In Lost Ark?

If you’re familiar with the Lost Ark class system, you won’t have trouble using the Assassin class or any other class in the game. Basic character controls are similar to those produced by other characters, with the exception that you must find a shield after launching an attack.

It has stealthy attacks that can kill foes without them even knowing it. To avoid damage from opposing attacks, you must improve your gaming and become more agile with the assassin class. Stun adversaries by releasing multiple attacks at once, preventing them from attacking you.

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