Review of Backblaze Online Backup Service

Backblaze is a cloud-based internet backup service that allows customers to back up their computer information to a secure data center hosted by Backblaze. The service is simple and inexpensive, making it a popular choice among both consumers and businesses. Read our Backblaze backup service review

After hearing positive feedback from friends and colleagues, we decided to give Backblaze a try. We were blown away by how simple it was to set up and use. Backblaze has a lot of great features, but it’s the simplicity of those features that makes it stand out.
To discover more about Backblaze’s online backup service, including the latest updated price and feature details, read our entire review. We’ll also talk about our personal experience using Backblaze in terms of data backup and recovery.

Plans and Prices for Backblaze

Backblaze only offers one option for online backup. Backblaze’s philosophy streamlines the decision-making process. It’s difficult to find an online backup service that doesn’t give at least two possibilities.

Backblaze lets you backup an unlimited quantity of data from a single workstation without worrying about the kind or size of individual files.
The following is a breakdown of their pricing: They charge $7.00 per month, which increases to $70.00 per year and $130.00 for two years. You’ll get a free 15-day trial when you sign up.
Backblaze’s registration may save you money if you pay for one or two years in advance. Backblaze’s Refer-A-Friend program allows you to earn a month of free service for every new user you bring on board.

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Backblaze’s business-class online backup solution can be learned more about by visiting the company’s website.

You may try Backblaze’s a limitless online backup for 15 days for free before joining up for a monthly or annual membership to see how it works. They do not, however, give a free online backup plan, unlike some other businesses.
Backblaze, like other online backup services, backs up your current data as soon as it changes, as well as new data you’ve contributed to a backup location you’ve chosen.

Following the initial setup, all of your critical data is automatically backed up to Backblaze’s servers without your involvement.

You’ll have access to all of the following with a Backblaze unlimited backup account:

Features of Backblaze

Backblaze offers an 8-terabyte hard drive for $189 or a 256-gigabyte flash drive for $99, depending on the size of your files. To make this service available, you can either keep the drive and use it yourself or return it for a refund within 30 days.

Backblaze has a comparison table on their website if you’d want to examine how it compares to other similar services.

Backblaze: Our Personal Experience

Backblaze is a tool that we utilize on a regular basis. Stop where you are and choose Backblaze if you’re having problems deciding between two services. You will not be let down.

What is it about Backblaze that attracts to us? It’s a simple procedure to follow. Backblaze makes everything simple, including pricing, application setup, settings, file restoration, and everything else.

Continue reading to learn more about what we like about Backblaze, as well as a few things we don’t like:
Our Favorite Features of Backblaze
Backblaze, a cloud backup service provider, isn’t cheap. For just $110, you can acquire two years of insurance coverage for all of your most valuable possessions—your personal information. Online backup services from other providers could cost three times as much.

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We almost didn’t mention Backblaze’s price because we were so taken with the service’s astonishing simplicity. With just one plan, this service delivers unlimited online backup space. Choosing the scale of a plan is now as simple as making one [really good] choice. This tool is simple to download and install if you don’t know where your data is or what it represents.
You can also use Backblaze to extend the lifespan of your version history from 30 days to a year or even forever. Backblaze will save all prior versions of a file for as long as the user’s account is current. Several of our other top online backup picks have this feature as well. It’s a fantastic technique to ensure that prior versions of a file will always be available, even if you update, edit, or delete it.
Backblaze has shown to be both simple and quick to use. I haven’t been able to equal this speed with any other online backup service, which is especially true when uploading huge volumes of data for the first time. Furthermore, Backblaze will not forsake you even if your network is slow. It will continue to work on a file upload if it takes days or weeks to complete.

When it comes to Backblaze’s backup features, it’s also worth mentioning that you can use the service even if you’re using a home hotspot for some of your internet usage.

What we Don’t Like About Backblaze

Because of a feature that isn’t as obvious as it should be, some consumers have had bad experiences with the service: Backblaze is more of a mirror than a permanent archive. Backblaze can detect when your computer’s hard disc dies or when you delete data and will remove it from your online account. Although paying for the limitless version history option solves the problem, it still causes problems for individuals who select for one of the limited options.

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