OPPO Releases New Smart Watch Free NFC

OPPO announced a range of products, including the new Reno7 series, at a launch event. To be competitive, it introduced new smart products such as the smart-watch. OPPO has announced the new SmartWatch Free NFC.

In September of this year, OPPO introduced a SmartWatch with a built-in NFC. The new smartwatch, as the name implies, is a version of the old one that lacks the NFC feature. The watch was supposed to be released for a cost of 94 USD (599 yuan). The watch offers all of the characteristics of a standard smartwatch, such as sleep tracking, a heart rate tracker, over 100 sports modes, and an e-sports mode.
The smartwatch has the same technological features as the previous model. The watch has a 1.64-inch AMOLED display. The screen is large and has curved corners for easier viewing. The battery capacity is 230 mAh, and the maker claims that it can charge for up to 14 days in power-saving mode.

The NFC capability is highlighted by the OPPO smart-watch series. Because it has NFC, you can use it to make electronic payments with e-wallets. With a single touch, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables users to conduct secure transactions, exchange digital material, and link electronic devices. It is the technology used in contactless credit cards. However, in daily life, this is not particularly practical. The large display is a more desired and liked feature because it makes it easier to examine the sleep record, steps taken, or any other workout that is completed.

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