How to Change Region on Netflix to Watch Other Country Library

With Netflix, you can stream an endless supply of movies, television shows, documentaries, animation, and other content. The service is currently available in 190 nations. However, some of the Netflix content is geo-restricted and only accessible to residents of a specific place. On Netflix, is it possible to change the region? Unless you move to a different nation, there isn’t a default option on Netflix to alter the region. With the use of a VPN service, you may, however, access the geo-restricted content on your device. It will enable you to communicate with servers located in several nations without disclosing your IP address.

How to Change Region on Netflix Using a VPN

On the iPhone/iPad, Android Smart TV, Android smartphones and tablets, Firestick, Windows laptops and computers, and Mac, you can change the Netflix region by following the steps below.

  • Install the Netflix app or sign in to your Netflix account using a browser on your device.
  • Enroll in a VPN service to get around Netflix’s geo-restrictions.
  • Install the appropriate VPN application on your device.
  • Start the VPN and set up the necessary login information.
  • After establishing a connection with the desired server location, open the Netflix app.
  • Choose and stream the desired content.

How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN

The best approach to change the Netflix region is by using a VPN. To change Netflix’s country without a VPN, try, though

Similar to a VPN, smart DNS enables you to connect to a particular nation’s DNS server. It does not, however, prevent ISPs from seeing your IP address.
Proxy Server – It functions in a similar way. It uses a third-party server to modify your location to a new one.
Utilize the open-source Tor browser to get around Netflix’s restrictions. The main drawback of Tor Browser is that you cannot select a certain nation.

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