How to Encrypt a USB Drive with or without Bitlocker in Windows 10

A USB drive is a useful and portable storage device that allows us to save files that we nearly always require. Encrypting USB drives is an excellent approach to prevent the leakage of any data, public or confidential. If you encrypt the USB device, the data stored on it will be accessible only to you or someone who knows the password. Here are two methods for learning how to encrypt a USB drive in Windows 10 with or without BitLocker.

Method 1: How to Encrypt a USB Drive with BitLocker in Windows 10

BitLocker is a data encryption programme for Windows that works with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11. If you want to keep your USB devices safe from prying eyes, you may use BitLocker to encrypt them on Windows. Normally, you may begin by following the simple procedures shown below:
Step 2: To unlock this disc, enter your password. Uppercase and lowercase characters, digits, spaces, and symbols should all be included in the password.
You may save your recovery key to a file to enable you access your disc if you forget your password or lose your smart card. After you’ve created your password, you’ll need to decide how much of your disc to encrypt and which encryption method to employ. After that, click Start encrypting to begin encrypting your disc. One thing to keep in mind is that encryption may take some time depending on the size of the discs, so if you want to finish the USB encryption in minutes, prepare a large-size USB drive.

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Method 2: How to Encrypt a USB Drive without BitLocker in Windows 10

Aside from BitLocker, there is another technique to encrypt a USB drive using a third-party programme called iSunshare SafeUSB Genius. It is a robust and time-tested encryption application that can help you password secure your data saved on a USB drive from unauthorised access, and it is compatible with practically all Windows operating systems and USB devices. The app just has three steps for encrypting a USB device in Windows 10.
Step 1: Plug in your USB drive to your Windows 10 PC and then press the Encrypt button.
Step 2: To begin encrypting the USB device, enter your password and click the “Encrypt” button. It will only take a few seconds.
Step 3: When the encryption is finished, a prompt message will appear stating that it was successful. To proceed, please click OK.


BitLocker and iSunshare SafeUSB Genius are sophisticated USB encryption applications for Windows users who want to password-protect their USB devices. They really work wonderfully for encrypting external hard discs in addition to USB devices. It’s useful to know how to encrypt an external hard disc with ease. This helps you avoid scenarios in which you lose files unnecessarily due to virus and have to work hard to restore files from your USB. Encrypting USB devices with BitLocker in Windows 10 is time-consuming when compared to iSunshare SafeUSB Genius.

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