How to Fix Apple Mail Search Not Working on Mac

Troubleshoot the mail search not functioning on Mac problem.
Apple products are the most secure to use. Apple Mail is a mailbox programme for Apple users. It contains capabilities that are comparable to those found in other email systems such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and others. Even though Apple Mail is incredibly sophisticated, you may encounter faults and malfunctions, such as the search feature not operating properly. However, it is easily remedied with a few troubleshooting options.

Why is My Apple Mail Search Not Working

• Apple Mail search may fail if the following conditions are met.
• Apple Mail may not be compatible with previous Mac versions.
• Technical issues with the programme.
• Bugs in the mail’s Spotlight feature.
• The Mail programme may be out of date and frequently crashes when started.
• Mail does not display emails.

How to Fix Apple Mail Search Not Working

If Apple Mail is not working on your Mac, you can try the 12 troubleshooting steps.
• End Mail from Apple
• Log out and back in
• emphasis on re-indexing
• Rebuild the mailbox
• Restart Mail and Mac
• macOS should be updated.
• Start your Mac in safe mode.
• Force Shift launch mail has been discontinued.
• SMC resetting
• Reset the NVRAM

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End Apple Mail

Apple Mail may occasionally eat more memory space and cease running on your Mac. As a result, it is preferable to terminate Apple Mail on your Mac.

  1. Go to the bottom of the screen and select Launchpad.
  2. Open Activity Monitor by typing it into the search area.
  3. Navigate to the Memory Tab in the Activity Monitor.
  4. In the Activity tab search field, type Mail.
  5. Click the Quit icon after selecting Mail from the Process Name.
    Relaunch the Mail app and verify that the search functionality is working properly.

Log Out and Log In

  1. On your Mac, launch Apple Mail.
  2. Navigate to the Mail menu and choose Accounts.
  3. Deselect the mail account from which you want to log out.
  4. Sign in to your Apple Mail account once more.
  5. After logging in again, search for any email in your search box to see if the search tool is still functional.

Re-Index Spotlight

Spotlight is a Mac search function that manages every file on the computer for easy access. An error in Spotlight may look similar to an error in Apple Mail. To address this,

  1. On your Mac, launch Launchpad.
  2. Type Terminal into the search field and click Enter.
  3. When the Mac Terminal opens, execute sudo mdutil -i on / and hit Enter.
  4. It will now prompt you for your Mac Password; enter it and hit Enter.
  5. This will enable Spotlight indexing. Close the Terminal, restart your Mac, then open Mail to see if the problem has been resolved.

Rebuild Mailbox

Rebuilding Mailbox is the process of removing and reinstalling your mails. By rebuilding, you may remove any small problems that are interfering with Mail’s search function.

  1. Open your device’s Mail app.
  2. Now, on the top, pick the Mailbox menu.
  3. Locate the Rebuild option at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Simply click on it.
  4. It takes some time depending on the number of messages in your account.
  5. Restart your Mac after the rebuilding process is complete.

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