Does Instagram Reveal Your Precise Location? Why The Claims Are Fake

how to turn on precise location

Instagram users have been warned in a number of posts that the app might provide thieves and stalkers access to their specific position, but the claims are false. Like most modern apps, Instagram needs access to a variety of device permissions in order to function effectively. In order to record a story, a user needs access to the camera and microphone. They also need access to any media that is on their device so that they may upload it to a post or story. Finally, they need access to location services so that they can add location tags.

what does precise location off mean?

Apps commonly spread location permissions prior to lately without the user being aware of the activity. However, several updates to Android and iOS now give consumers even greater control over their location data. For example, when it comes to location permissions for an app on Android, users can select “All the time,” “Allow only when using the app,” or “Don’t Allow.” Similar choices are available on the iPhone, where users can select “While Using The App,” “Ask Next Time,” or “Never.” With some apps, iOS also allows users to share their specific location, but this feature may be disabled in settings.

Precise location on or off

Why are people worried that Instagram would share their precise location when both Android and iOS provide a fine level of control for app permissions? The Instagram account goaldiggercoachingltd appears to be the source of the false information. The account claims in a post that a recent update now makes it possible to locate a user’s precise location on Instagram, which may be used for stalking and theft. The post also asserts that the iPhone’s precise location setting, which is said to reveal a user’s location to within 20 feet when they add a location tag, enables this capability. Users are advised by the account to disable this function by turning off the precise location in settings.

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Does Instagram Reveal Your Precise Location?

No, Instagram Doesn’t Broadcast Your Location To Strangers

Almost 160,000 people liked the questioned Instagram image as of the time this piece was being written. Similar posts with displayed prominently words like “Important,” “Please Read,” and “Public Service Announcement” have also emerged on a number of other accounts. But the claims are untrue. A recent iOS upgrade did not enable precise location. In fact, it was first made available in 2020 along with the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Instagram has even addressed these concerns on Twitter, writing, “We don’t disclose your location to anyone, just to be clear. We use the precise location for things like location tags and maps features, just like other social media companies.”

When it’s crucial to determine the user’s precise location on a map, applications like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Uber are the best candidates for precise location. It’s simple to disable the precise location for Instagram in settings by opening the Settings app on an iPhone, pressing “Privacy,” and choosing “Location Services.” From the list of apps, choose Instagram, then deselect “Precise Location” on the toggle. While limiting location access to apps that don’t require it is usually a good idea, any and all reports that users’ exact whereabouts are being broadcast on Instagram should be taken as false.

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