How to add Facebook Like Button on Blogger

You will learn how to add a Facebook-like button to Blogger in this article. A Facebook like button on your Blogspot blog enables readers to share and promote your blog’s content on their Newsfeed and Wall on Facebook.

A Facebook “like” button is a terrific way to increase the number of Facebook users who visit your website. Additionally, it enables people to instantly like your Facebook fan page. You must add the like button code to the theme’s template in order for it to appear on all of your Blogger posts.

Don’t Worry! If you’ve never personalized a website before, it’s actually very easy to do, even if you have no prior experience with coding.

How to add Facebook Like Button on Blogger

Generate Code for Facebook Like Button


  • Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account as the first step. Open it after entering the following URL into the address box.

  • Add the URL of the Blogger post where you want to place the Facebook-like button (For a reference, view the screenshot)
    Note, you may modify the button’s width, design, and size under Like Button Configurator. Modify to suit your preferences.
  • To produce the code, click Get Code.
  • Copy the IFRAME code after choosing it.

You have now created the code for the Facebook-like button on your Blogger blog. It should now be included in your blog. There are two ways to add the code: first, by using a gadget, and second, by adding it directly to the Blogger design. I’ve covered both methods for including a Facebook-like button on Blogger.

  • Log in to your Blogger dashboard and select Layout from the left menu.
  • Add the HTML/Javascript gadget by clicking the Add a Gadget link.
  • after pasting the code produced in Step 4 above, is to click Save. (see illustration below)
  • To add the code to the blog post, do Steps 8 through 11.
  • Select Theme > Edit HTML from your Blogger dashboard.
  • If an HTTP warning is displayed, click Hide warning.
  • To open the Blogger search box, position your mouse cursor anywhere within the code and hit Ctrl+F.
  • Type “data: post. body” into the search box and press Enter.
  • Save the template after pasting the Facebook-like button code underneath the data: post.body/> tag.
How can I include a “Like” button on Facebook in my post?
  1. Visit the page for the Facebook Like Button.
  2. A button style can be selected from the Layout drop-down menu.
  3. From the Action Type drop-down menu, choose either like or recommend.
  4. To turn off these features, uncheck the boxes next to Include Share Button and Show Friends’ Faces.
  5. On the Get Code button, click.

Can you connect Blogger and Facebook?

Using Facebook’s “Create Post” feature, you can advertise blog posts from your personal or professional website. You may quickly and easily upload content from your blog to Facebook in a few minutes.


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