How to Change Instagram Notification Sound

Customize the notification sound for different functionalities on Instagram app.


Instagram currently controls the social media landscape and is used by millions of users worldwide. Along with keeping users interested, Instagram offers numerous personalization choices within the app. You may occasionally feel repulsed if all of your notifications have the same notification tone. As a result, you may customise the Instagram app’s notification tone for various notifications. However, only Android-powered devices make it feasible. The Instagram app on the iPhone does not permit customising the notification sound.

How to Change Instagram Notification Sound

How to Change Instagram Notification Sound on Android Devices

  1. On your Android device, open the Settings app.
  2. The Apps and Notifications option should be chosen.
  3. Select the Instagram app by clicking See all apps.
  4. Select Notifications from the menu that appears above the Permission section.
  5. Select Sound in the Advanced section after expanding it.
  6. Choose the desired alert. We have chosen Instagram Direct in this case.
  7. Select the desired notification sound.
  8. Revert to the previous screen and follow the same procedures for additional notifications.
  9. You can disable the notification sound for a specific alarm by switching off the toggle next to it.
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