How to Display WhatsApp Messages on Mobile Home Screen?

WhatsApp is now used on almost every internet network in the world. Because WhatsApp has a tonne of fantastic features. There are some features, though. which WhatsApp does not offer. Similar to Facebook, you must have notifications for messages at the top of your mobile screen.

By the way, in WhatsApp, messages are not shown as alerts on the phone’s head. But here is what I’m going to tell you if you want your WhatsApp message to appear on your phone’s screen. This will enable WhatsApp to show it in the message header on your mobile device.

Display WhatsApp Messages on Home Screen?

Guys, WhatsApp already does not offer its users this feature. While other social media apps like Facebook and others have comparable functions. But I’ll tell you right now. You can show WhatsApp messages on your head in this manner. You must adhere to the instructions listed below to accomplish this.

  • You will initially need a third-party app. You do this by launching the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  • You must enter Dashdow What App in the search box and download the result.
  • You then open the app and enable notifications.
  • Once configured, your dashboard will show all of your WhatsApp messages at the top of the screen.
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