How to lock apps in iPhone?

How do you lock apps on your iPhone without an app?

This post will explain how to lock iPhone apps to increase security and restrict your use of the most addicting ones.

Locking apps on your iPhone can help you increase the security of sensitive data and can also help you control how often you use the most addictive apps. Although Apple does not officially offer a way to lock every programme, there is a Screen Time hack that you may use to temporarily secure your critical programmes. If you want to restrict how often you use social networking apps or hide specific apps from prying eyes, here’s how to lock applications on your iPhone.

How to lock apps in iPhone?

How to lock apps on iPhone?

With Apple’s Screen Time feature, you may set a daily time limit for how long you can use a certain app. After that timer expires, the only way to access the app is by entering your password. You must reach the daily limit in order for this to effectively lock the app for the day. The good news is that using the app only takes a minute.

  • On your iPhone, go to the Settings app.
  • By heading to Screen Time and selecting “Use Screen Time Passcode,” you can create a new passcode for Screen Time restrictions.
  • After that, select “Add Limit” under “App Limits.”
  • Select “Next” after finding the category or application you want to lock.
  • In the time menu, set the time restriction to the necessary amount of hours or minutes. To lock the app, set the timer for one minute.
  • After selecting “Block at End of Limit,” click “Add.”
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All there is to it is that. The programme will prompt you to extend your usage time when it reaches its time restriction. However, you need to input the Screen Time passcode in order to use them. Additionally, this limitation may be applied to all of your devices, including the iPad.

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People also ask

How do you lock apps on your iPhone without an app?

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings and select Screen Time.
  • Select “This is my iPhone” under “Turn on Screen Time.” After that, click Use Screen Time Passcode and input a PIN with four digits.

How do you Lock apps on iPhone 11?

Go to the Content and Privacy Controls section after enabling the Screen Time tab. Toggle all the apps you don’t want to utilise off by tapping the Allowed Apps option. To save the adjustments, return to the home screen.

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