Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Beta Impressions

Disclaimer: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is not the subject of this review. The information supplied for this initial assessment may be used in any later reviews of the game, but the game will eventually be evaluated on its own merits.

The third instalment of the ongoing series is titled Sniper: Ghost Warrior. This will be the first episode to be produced at a AAA level. CI Games is still working on the game and has not yet released it. I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Beta and use it. Ghost Warrior 3 is introducing an open world style of play, in contrast to earlier games. I was going to be able to attack a lot of outposts and have access to two missions in the beta.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 continues the series’ tradition of emphasising the sniper experience. As a result, it appeals to a certain kind of player. Sniper Elite 4-like in design, but executed differently. The secrets to successfully executing your objective are patience, time, strategy, and deadly silence. This is not a run and gun game, though you should still have your secondary weapons handy in case you find yourself in trouble. You’ll obviously have a variety of options for fulfilling your assignments and attacking outposts given the open world nature. I, for one, like having a wide range of options for carrying out my goals.
When Ghost Warrior 3 first started up, I thought the open world style of the game reminded me a little of Far Cry. I was led to a tiny cave that would serve as my home base. I could choose tasks, alter my weaponry, rest, and make new kinds of ammunition here. I had a good amount of money and resources, which let me experiment with various rounds and weapon upgrades. When the entire title is released, I would anticipate that there will be less money initially accessible.
In Ghost Warrior 3, players may apparently customise everything from their appearance to their weaponry. Most contemporary shooters now allow you to personalise your load outs, and Ghost Warrior 3 doesn’t skimp on this feature. Although I just had access to two missions, it is obvious that a player would be able to approach tasks in a variety of ways thanks to the extensive customisation. I saw that resources were also required for upgrading various bullet types from the skill tree in addition to money. These materials can be obtained by completing missions and taking out enemy outposts in the open world.

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