How To Create Different Android Tv Or Google Tv Profiles Easily

Android Tv Multiple Users

We are aware that Google TV, like all other Google services, concentrates on recommendations, which is clearly not the case if multiple people with various likes are in charge of the same account.

Chromecast With Google Tv Multiple User Profiles

Luckily for everyone, Google TV is already equipped to support multiple profiles on Smart TVs. Now that this is in place, each family member can have their own account to accept suggestions based on personal preferences.

Therefore, learning how to quickly and easily create various accounts is quite important so that everyone may start having their own. Having said that, let’s move on and present everything associated with the subject below.

How To Create Different Android Tv Or Google Tv Profiles Easily
How To Create Different Android Tv Or Google Tv Profiles Easily

What You Need To Do To Add And Create Various Android Tv Profiles

Since only one profile can be used per account, the only requirement that must be fulfilled is that each profile have a separate Google account. To further explain this, you should be aware that in order for things to function properly, you will need to upgrade your Google TV with the most recent version that is available.
As for the steps you need to do, you may find them in the lines that follow:

  • You must first switch on your Smart TV before going to the Google TV or Android TV home screen.
  •  Click on the icon for your profile, which may be found in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Here, select your name before selecting Add Account.
  • Once here, select either add account or add a child. On the latter, a Google account won’t be required in order to view the material.
  •  After adding the account, log in using the account that will include the new profile.

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