How to Watch Apple TV on Sony Smart TV

How To Get Apple Tv On Samsung Tv

How To Watch Apple Tv On Smart Tv

Installing Apple TV on your Sony Smart TV is the ideal way to buy or rent your favorite movies. The application also lets you use the TV’s iTunes library. The 2018-released Sony Smart TVs and later models formally support the installation of Apple TV. To get the app on models from 2018, 2019, and 2020, you must update the firmware on your Sony TV.

Compatible Sony Smart TVs

Year TV Models
2018 A Series – 9F
Z Series – 9F
2019 A Series – 9G
X Series – 8500G, 8507G, 8577G, 9500G, and 9507G
Z Series – 9G
2020 A Series – 8H and 9S
X Series – 8000H, 8007H, 8050H, 8077H, 8500H, 8550H, 9000H, 9007H, 9077H, 9500H, and 9507H
Z Series – 8H and 9H
2021 A Series – 80J and 90J
X Series – 80AJ, 80BJ, 80J, 81J, 85BJ, 85DJ, 85J, 86J, 90J, 90SJ, and X95J
2022 A Series – 95K, 90K, and 80K
W Series – 880K, 870K, 830K, 820K
X Series – 95K, 90S, 90K, 90BK, 85K, 85AK, 81K, 81DK, 80SK, 80BK, 75K, 75AK, and 74K
Z Series – 9K

 How to Watch Apple TV on Sony Smart TV

How to Install Apple TV on Sony Smart TV

  • Start your Sony Smart TV, then join it to a normal WiFi network.
  • Select the Apps area by clicking it on your TV’s home screen.
  •  Google Play Store option.
  • Go to the search menu, enter Apple TV+, and then look it up.
  • Choose the Apple TV app from the search results, then click the Install option.
  • To start using the app after it has finished downloading, click Open.
  • Select “Start Watching” on the welcome screen.
  • Select the Settings icon and then click Accounts on the following screen.
  • Start streaming entertainment to your Smart TV after logging into your Apple TV account. You can stream well-known originals if you have an Apple TV Plus membership ($4.99/month) associated with your account.
  • All of the purchased stuff will be available under the My Library area once you’ve signed in.
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How to Watch Apple TV on Older Sony Smart TVs

Older models are sadly not functional with the Apple TV app. However, you can access Apple TV via tethering external streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, and Chromecast with Google TV if you have an earlier model that supports HDMI. These gadgets can formally install the Apple TV app. Connect them to your TV’s HDMI port, then use our installation instructions to stream Apple TV content.

Alternative Way – AirPlay Apple TV on Sony Smart TV

  • The AirPlay 2 feature is enabled by a few Sony Smart TVs. If you have a suitable model, you can AirPlay the media from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same WiFi network as your Sony Smart TV.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Apple TV app and log in.
  • Choose the Settings icon on the home screen of your Song TV.
  • After choosing Device Preference, select Apple Airplay and HomeKit.
  • Now activate the Airplay feature.
  • Play a game using the Apple TV app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select your Sony Smart TV by tapping the AirPlay symbol on the media player.
  • The video content will start playing on the Sony TV screen as soon as the connection is made.


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