Woman suing Sony hosts an AMA on Reddit, and it backfires

Playstation Lawsuit Update

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Reddit’s AMAs have had their share of noteworthy mishaps in the past, and the most recent one was hosted by a Sony lawsuit plaintiff.

Ask Me Anything is referred to as AMA. People frequently arrange an AMA on Reddit in order to communicate with others. It frequently happens to advertise fresh goods, programmes, movies, or music.

Sony Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

However, someone decided that hosting an AMA regarding the case she brought against Sony would be a good idea. Alex Neill responded to inquiries about her case on Reddit. She claims that Sony exploits its position and overcharges its clients.
According to Neill, Sony has been overcharging customers for PlayStation digital games and in-game material and has unfairly made billions of pounds by taking advantage of devoted players. We claim that PlayStation has violated competition law by taking a 30% commission on all digital games and in-game purchases. As a result, Sony UK may be liable for up to £5 billion in debt to 8.9 million customers, and each UK resident may be eligible for compensation of up to £100.


Her responses, though, weren’t exactly stellar when others started asking her questions in the AMA thread. Many of them were intentionally elusive and did not respond.

Neill and the company giving their funds were unable to provide a clear response when asked what they would expect to gain from the case. The estimated costs for everyone else ranged from £67 to £562, but it appears that she will make more money.

Playstation Gender Discrimination

One person responded, “You’re a corporation that earns money off complaints,” and said they were just trying to set a precedent so they could later sue larger companies like Apple and Google in order to increase their profits.

Sadly, the AMA has exposed Neill’s lack of solutions. It’s on par with the James Corden AMA, though not quite as terrible. Although the outcome of the action is unknown, a case very much like it was recently dismissed in the US.


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