How to Unlock Android Phone using Emergency Call

If you’ve used computers or mobile devices for some time, you’re probably already aware of how important device security is. Because of how closely our daily activities and online activities are intertwined, it is now crucial to protect our gadgets. Let’s also be truthful here Even though we are glued to our phones, we cannot always keep them in our hands. In a classroom, we might leave it on our desks or lend it to some of our friends. But that is not the main focus at all! Identity theft is a topic that frequently appears in the news, and many individuals lock their phones to guard against such crimes.

But what if you manage to forget your password and lock yourself out of your Android device? We certainly didn’t think about that when selecting the toughest password we could find, do we? You may be wondering whether it is possible to unlock your Android phone with an emergency call in this situation.

To begin with, the concept does not apply to every device in use, yet the answer is yes. But at least trying it wouldn’t be harmful.

You are here because you are surely an Android user who has no idea how to unlock the smartphone. We can respond to your query, we promise you! However, how do you carry on with this process?

You’ll learn how to unlock an Android phone with an emergency call in today’s blog. Grab your Android phone and start practicing the method while reading our site!

How to Unlock Android Phone using Emergency Call
How to Unlock Android Phone using Emergency Call

How to unlock an android phone using an emergency call

Please respond to one of our questions, about which we are really curious before we lead you through the stages. Which version of the OS (operating system) is your Android device using?

In any case, you should use this emergency call technique if you have version 5 or an earlier version! If you’re interested, then let us explain.

Therefore, the Android operating system version 5 and the version before it have a flaw or security issue! Additionally, a lot of individuals believe that version five fixed a security problem. The Android specialists expertly unlocked and accessed their phones using the emergency call method due to this vulnerability.

Steps to unlock the android phone using the emergency call


Step 1: Open your Android device and select the Emergency option that is located beneath the lock screen

Depending on the phone type you have, the emergency option may be located differently.

Step 2: Your device will display the dialer on the Emergency screen.

Step 3: At this point, dial a random string of characters repeatedly and copy them. To duplicate the character strings, simply double-tap on them.

Step 4: Tap on your phone’s screen to continue. Characters would be pasted.

You must keep doing this until you run out of character strings to duplicate. After you’ve repeated the method 10–11 times, your device can put a limit on you.

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Step 5: Return to the lock screen.

Step 6: Open your device’s settings To enter it, press on the gear symbol that is located somewhere near the top.

Step 7: Given that the device is locked, it would ask for your password. The copied character string needs to be long-pressed and pasted here.

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