Extreme Aggressive Sims in The Sims 4 Patch has been postponed

Extreme Aggressive Sims

Have your Sims recently acted hostile and hostile lately? That has a purpose. Sims 4 is currently experiencing a problem that is leading to this specific behavior. Last week, the Maxis team genuinely intended to address the issue with a patch, but that didn’t happen. The developers informed fans that they would need to wait a little longer via Twitter. It doesn’t take very long, though.

Update planned for December

They want to issue the patch at the start of December, according to the tweet. Then Sims shouldn’t act aggressively for no cause at all. The update’s specific release date hasn’t yet been specified by the responsible parties. The Sims 4 has, incidentally, only recently been made freely playable. The main game is now playable for free thanks to EA. The numerous extensions continue to be costly.
The Sims 5 is on the way

The Sims 4’s replacement, Project Rene, was unveiled by Maxis a few weeks ago (purchase now, €5.92). Fans shouldn’t anticipate an early release, though. The title is still being created. But recently, there was a first playtest. But even here, not everything went perfectly. The file was cracked and made available online. More information on the topic is available in our article from that time.

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