Here is What Google’s First Foldable Phone May Look Like

A recent article from FrontPageTech, a reliable source for leaks, showed in-depth renders of the folding phone. These renderings suggest that the Pixel Fold will only resemble a folded-up Pixel 7 Pro. It has the same recognisable camera visor on the back, but since this model must fold, it doesn’t blend in with the sides of the phone. On it are three lenses for cameras.

The Pixel Fold, as opposed to the Z Fold, features a shorter and wider design like the Oppo Find N. The consequence is that the exterior screen strongly resembles a typical smartphone. Additionally, the phone should become more portable as a result. There is no information on the phone’s weight, but it seems to be a little thinner than the Z Fold 4.

The outside screen has noticeable bezels surrounding it and a selfie camera with a punch-hole in the middle. There doesn’t appear to be a selfie camera on the main screen, but there are noticeable bezels at the top and bottom, suggesting that the camera may be hidden there. Or maybe Google will add an in-screen selfie camera, following in Samsung’s footsteps.

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