How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

If you have tried editing PDFs on iOS before, you’re probably already aware of the difficulties involved. Without the appropriate application, completing the process can become more difficult. However, in this post, we’ll go through a technique that will make it easier for you to edit scanned files on iOS and provide you access to a number of other PDF functions.

The PDF editor app, which utilizes PDFelement, can be thought of as the ideal option for managing PDF-related activities on your iPhone and iPad. Users can convert, combine, sign, annotate, and screenshot their PDF files using a range of capabilities that are available.

Introduction of Wondershare PDFelement for iOS

It is possible to access PDFelement from a variety of platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows, and it is a powerful editing tool for PDFs. Additionally, users can run the software concurrently on many systems. With its sophisticated tools and features, this all-encompassing PDF processing software makes a variety of tasks possible.
Additionally, the program’s features have undergone the most recent improvements, enabling functions like pdf ocr and text recognition. This feature enables the creation of editable PDFs for iOS devices from scanned text and documents. Learn more about this PDF filler and how it can help you edit scanned files on iOS in the paragraphs that follow.

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How to Edit Scanned Files on iPhone and iPad

1. OCR PDF on iOS

Editing scanned PDF files and text from photos on the iPad and iPhone for iOS is made easier with PDFelement for iOS. The application comes with an OCR scanning tool that can quickly and accurately translate text from scanned documents and images. The tool also offers 18 other language options. As a result, it can help you find and edit scanned PDF files quickly. You can access OCR PDF on iOS by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Select “Recognize”

Downloading the PDFelement app and then gaining access to your PDF file are the first two steps. After that, select the “Recognize” option from the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

Step 2: Tap “OCR PDF”

The “OCR pdf” option will then appear in the pop-up window.

Step 3: Select the Language

You have a lot of options here, so you can choose the language of your choosing. Select your preferred language, then click the next button to start the OCR process.

Step 4: Select YouTube as Output Format and Convert

You can start converting your content after selecting an output format because your PDF is editable.

2. Edit Text in PDF on iPhone and iPad

With the ability to distinguish the characteristics of text elements from your PDF documents automatically, PDFelement is a clever solution for iPhone and iPad users. Since any modifications you make to text boxes will instantly inherit their font-related attributes, such as their size, style, and color, editing is made simple. This function makes text editing simpler. View the procedures for editing text in PDFs on iOS.

Step 1: Open a PDF Document

You must import the document from your smartphone as a first step. To open a PDF file, merely hit the “+” button.

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Step 2: Tap the Text tab at the Top

The “text” tab is located at the top and can be selected.

Step 3: Tap on a Text Section to Select it

You might need to choose the text in this step from the part that contains it.

Step 4: Editing the Text

After selecting the text, you can begin the text editing process by selecting the “Edit” option from the toolbar.

Pros and Cons of OCR Function of PDFelement


  • Around 18 languages are supported by the program, increasing user accessibility.
  • The process of producing an editable PDF document has become considerably more clear and more straightforward.
  • Simple identification of PDF elements like photos, words, and symbols.


  • To use PDFelement, users will require a reliable and secure internet connection.
  • Users may encounter restrictions on the quantity, size, and type of documents they may process simultaneously.




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