Mia Yim & Rhea Ripley Join WarGames, Advantage Match

Mia Yim & Rhea Ripley Join WarGames, Advantage Match

In the Women’s WarGames match at the WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022 event, Rhea Ripley has joined Team Damage CRTL, while Mia Yim has joined Team Belair.

Additionally, the Survivor Series WarGames go-home programme, WWE RAW, which airs on November 21, will determine the Women’s WarGames entrance advantage.

After Bianca Belair challenged Damage CTRL inside the cage to settle their rivalry, the first Women’s WarGames match of the main roster was scheduled. Initially, Asuka and Alexa Bliss were on Team Belair. Nikki Cross joined Damage CTRL’s Bayley IYO SKY & Dakota Kai team last week.

Last week, Mia Yim returned to RAW to join The OC. The main reason the OC brought in Yim was to counteract Rhea Ripley from Judgment Day. Damage CTRL invited Yim to join their team after she defeated Tamina in her comeback to the ring. They were informed by Yim that she had no problems with Team Belair. Iyo Sky’s presence in the segment also slightly irritated Yim.

Yim appeared on stage following Iyo’s singles victory over Dana Brooke to make the announcement that she will represent Team Belair in WarGames. Later, Rhea Ripley visited Damage CTRL and informed them that if Yim is on the opposing team, she will join them. There is only one more Team Belair member to be revealed.

Member Revealed

Cathy Kelley, a backstage interviewer, confirmed the entry advantage match for next week’s RAW when speaking with Team Belair. The match’s participants have not yet been made public.

The WarGames match begins with one wrestler from each squad in accordance with the regulations. After 5 minutes, one wrestler from the team with the entry advantage enters the match, resulting in a 2-on-1 disadvantage. After two minutes, one player from the opposing team enters the match. This entry cycle continues until all players are in the cage.

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