Pokémon Crimson / Crimson: A blockbuster despite problems? First figures from England!

Since the conclusion of the previous week, Pokémon Crimson / Crimson has been accessible. Even if not all that glitters is gold, will this game be another blockbuster? The initial reports on this are currently coming from England.
A new Pokémon game for a Nintendo system usually sells well at the box office. Since it became available on Friday, the brand-new Pokémon Crimson/Crimson hasn’t always had the best start. Is the game still in high demand?

Despite the fact that the new Pokémon suffers from numerous framerate issues and that there are only a few clothing options available, the game appears to have attracted a sizable audience once more. The first figures are from Great Britain as usual.

What Makes A Transformation Easier

According to GamesIndustry.biz, this year’s physical launch of the new Switch game in the UK was the most successful ever. Things are going well for the developers, at least in terms of sold box editions, since the game unseats the previous 2022 leader, FIFA 23, from its prominent position.

Sales of the box editions of the new Pokémon on the island were four percent greater than those of EA’s football game. That’s also enough to give the region there the second-strongest sales start in the Pokémon franchise. At the time, only Pokémon Sun / Moon for the 3DS began selling even more effectively. This game at the time benefited from Pokémon GO’s enormous launch hype.

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It is now impossible to say whether the most recent Pokemon is still the most popular game within the franchise during the launch weekend because Nintendo doesn’t release digital sales data. Interestingly, with a sales share of 52% in England, the violet version is preferred. Sales of the Scarlet variant account for 42% of total sales, with the double pack accounting for the final 6%.

Additionally, the new Pokémon game is proving to be a system seller on the OLED version of the Switch, with hardware sales surging along with the game’s release and the Switch posting its best sales week of the entire year.

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