Following Twitter Mass layoffs at Google and Amazon expected very soon!

Many staff have been let go by a number of tech companies out of concern for the economy. As a result, a number of technological companies reportedly experience diminishing profits. A decrease in advertiser spending is one of the reasons given by businesses like Meta, which recently announced 11,000 layoffs, for the internet giant’s income shortfall. Both Google and Amazon employees anticipate layoffs in the near future. Here is a list of everything you need to know.

Unlike several other significant digital companies, Amazon has made job cuts public. Amazon has not said exactly how many employees would be laid off, but media estimates have claimed that number might reach 20,000. 10,000 people were supposed to be laid off, but new estimates indicate the number may be lower than that.

The CEO of Amazon recently announced that the company will continue its layoff process for a few months and that the affected employees would be notified after the evaluation process was complete. The number of layoffs may have been revised upward because it is now conducting a thorough investigation of all regional departments to reduce costs.

Amazon is also using some alternative cost-cutting measures. The business would need some time to finish up its ongoing beta tests and shut down the Amazon Academy learning platform in India. The company has also stopped all hiring efforts after it was recently disclosed that Amazon would be expanding its Amazon Web Services (AWS) subsidiary. The company’s cloud sector is said to be very profitable and growing quickly.

Additionally, it is anticipated that Google would let go of up to 10,000 workers, or around 6% of its workforce. In an effort to weed out underachievers, the search giant reportedly asked supervisors to undertake performance reviews.

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