Google Celebrates Gerald ‘Jerry’ Lawson’s 82nd Birthday

Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, a legend in the world of video games, is 82 today, and Google Doodle is honoring him. He is credited with creating the first home video gaming system with swappable game cartridges and is considered as the father of modern gaming. He is the creator of the contemporary video game that is adored by millions of gamers worldwide.

On its Doodle on Thursday, Google will include a quirky image and animation honoring Jerry Lawson’s contributions to the world. The Google Doodle for today is a must-see. The doodle is interactive and entertaining because it allows you to access a brief video game. You can play the game for fun on your own.

Three American guest artists and game designers had their games highlighted in today’s Google Doodle. These are Momo Pixel, Davionne Gooden, and Lauren Brown. To honor American electronic engineer Gerald “Jerry” Lawson on the occasion of his 82nd birthday, these artists and game creators came together.

Who was Gerald ‘Jerry’ Lawson?

Popular American electrical engineer Lawson is the creator of numerous well-known video games. On December 1, 1940, he was born in Brooklyn, New York. He has always enjoyed playing with electronic devices, fixing televisions in his neighborhood, and building his own radio station out of reclaimed materials. Before beginning his career, he attended Queens College and City College of New York.

Lawson started working as an engineering consultant for Fairchild Semiconductor. Lawson led the creation of the Fairchild Channel F system after receiving a promotion to Director of Engineering and Marketing at Fairchild’s video game division a few years later.

Lawson left Fairchild in 1980 and founded his own business, VideoSoft, by developing software for the Atari 2600, which helped make the cartridges he and his team created more well-known. Sadly, after five years, this business was shut down. But Lawson makes a name for himself in the gaming industry and continues to advise different video game industries.

How to play the Google Doodle game today:

  • First, press the PLAY button.
  • Green-colored blocks will be visible, and a slab will be located beneath them.
  • To destroy these blocks, a blue ball will continuously move up and down in a diagonal motion.
  • Move the slab so that it is in the right position for the ball to strike it when it hits the slab after breaking the blocks.
  • To move the slab, press the arrow keys.
  • Till the ball destroys all the blocks, keep pushing the slab.
  • You will lose the game if the ball misses the slab.
  • You will win the game once all of the blocks have been broken.
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