Twitter deleting 1.5 billion inactive accounts to free up space

Elon Musk stated on Friday that Twitter would erase 1.5 billion inactive accounts to make room for new users.

The company will delete and release the names of 1.5 billion users whose accounts have lain dormant for years, according to Elon Musk, the newly appointed owner of Twitter, who made the announcement on Friday.

“Twitter will shortly begin releasing the 1.5 billion accounts’ namespace. These are plainly deleted accounts that haven’t tweeted or logged in in years,” stated Musk.

According to Musk, the microblogging network is developing a “shadow banning” procedure, and users will be informed and given the chance to contest the removal of their tweets.

Twitter also creates software to represent your genuine account status, he continued

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Tweets will display view counts in a few weeks, just like videos do, according to a statement made by the Twitter CEO earlier in the day. According to Musk, Twitter is much more active than people assume.

Musk also produced a new version for the microblogging network after the second edition of the “Twitter Files” exposed how the company maintained blacklists and purposefully prevented the visibility of some accounts.

He stated in a tweet that Twitter was working on a software upgrade that would make apparent whether or not you had been shadowbanned, the reason for it, and how to appeal.

The information was released when writer Bari Weiss, who had access to corporate papers, claimed that Musk backed the practise of staff members “shadowbanning” comments from conservative pundits. Information from the collection of documents has been made available by Weiss and author Matt Taibbi in a series dubbed “The Twitter Files.”

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