Ram TRX Hit Its Top Speed In Autobahn Run

Everyone is aware of how powerful the Ram 1500 TRX is off paved roads. It is one of the most capable vehicles available for off-roading because to the improved suspension, powerful V8 engine, and technological gadgets. Is it effective on the highway as well?
AutoTopNL made the decision to find out the truck’s top speed. The YouTube channel’s owners are from Europe, and they frequently test cars on stretches of the Autobahn without posted speed restrictions. It’s time to test what the TRX is capable of after witnessing other performance vehicles use the entire speedometer on the German highway.


Ram 1500 TRX

We’ll note that the truck appears to be stock in this instance. It is a 2021 example with no engine changes other than the Guerrilla exhaust system, which is the only improvement over the original model. This indicates that power is being generated by a 6.2-liter V8 Hellcat supercharged engine and is being sent to all four axles. It produces 702 horsepower from the factory, but this truck has 711 owing to an improved exhaust system.

The numerous modes of the Guerrilla exhaust pipes are shown in the first part of the film. The next step includes a warm-up drive on intercity roads and a couple accelerations from a stop. The TRX, however, finds it difficult to gain enough traction at launch due to the damp road. Although there is no GPS-based measuring device, it appears that the truck cannot duplicate its factory 4.5-second 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) run.
However, the max speed is why we are here. The good news is that TRX reaches the 118 mph (190 kph) electronically controlled top speed. When compared to other high-performance vehicles, that may seem a little low, but keep in mind that the truck weights about 6,439 pounds (2,920 kilograms) and is actually one of the heaviest vehicles money can buy these days.



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