Tesla Announces Full Terms For FSD Beta One-Time Transfer

Elon Musk made the announcement but added that only owners who trade in their existing EVs and order a new one within the third quarter would be eligible for the transfer. The end of September is the deadline for Tesla owners who want to transfer FSD to a new vehicle.
However, as this lets current owners of FSD Beta-equipped cars who want to move to a new Tesla avoid having to repurchase the pricey FSD package, this is good news for those individuals. The cost of the ADAS suite in the US is $15,000 if purchased outright, or $199 for vehicles with Basic Autopilot and $99 for those with Enhanced Autopilot.


“We’re happy to announce that the transfer of FSD will be permitted for Q3.” This amnesty only lasts once. Therefore, you must use it in Q3 or at the very least place the order in Q3 within realistic delivery time constraints. So sure, I do hope that people enjoy it. This will only happen once.

The list of terms and conditions is actually a little bit larger. The ability to transfer FSD across vehicles has already been enabled by Tesla, but owners must review a set of conditions to learn how to qualify.
The transfer period for the FSD Beta is from July 20 through September 30. The process is as follows, in brief: Tesla moves FSD Beta to a new car that the owner must take delivery of by the end of Q3, once the FSD suite is withdrawn from the vehicle for which it was initially purchased.


Here’s the full list of requirements

1. Be the legal and registered owner of a Tesla vehicle that currently has Full Self-Driving capability included at the time of delivery of the new Tesla vehicle. The vehicle cannot be the subject of a pending cancellation of buyback request.

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2. Take delivery of your new titled Tesla between July 20, 2023, and September 30, 2023.

3. Accept the forfeiture of the Full Self-Driving capability on your current Tesla vehicle. Alternatively, you can choose to trade-in your current Tesla vehicle altogether directly with Tesla when you purchase your new Tesla vehicle. Tesla will remove Full Self-Driving capability from your current Tesla vehicle up to one week before your scheduled delivery day for your new Tesla. During this process, your current vehicle will automatically reboot for a few minutes after put in park.


4. The Full Self-Driving capability can only be transferred once and so cannot be transferred to another vehicle or to another person, even if the vehicle is privately sold. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and is not redeemable for cash.

5. Tesla reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate this offer at any time without prior notice.

6. The forfeiture of the Full Self-Driving capability on your current vehicle is non-reversible after you take delivery of the new Tesla vehicle, or we remove Full Self-Driving capability from your current vehicle, whichever occurs first. This remains non-reversible even in the event that you cancel or reverse your purchase after you have taken delivery.


7. Used vehicles and vehicles for commercial purposes are not eligible for this program.

8. Tesla may remove the Full Self-Driving capability from your new vehicle if it determines in good faith that you have breached any of these terms or made any misrepresentations about Full Self-Driving on your current vehicle.

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9. This offer cannot be applied retroactively after the new Tesla vehicle is delivered.



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