Tesla’s “25 Guns” Instrumental To Gigafactory Berlin Success: Elon Musk

According to CEO Elon Musks recent Tweet, a group of 25 highly qualified engineers were the key element in getting the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenberg up and running. According to a Twitter user, the group is the Tesla version of the US military’s tier-one special operations unit, the Delta Force, which is tasked with the most difficult tasks.


Back in 2020, when work on the brand’s facility in Germany was still in its early phases, and when the automaker first started assembling this specific unit, we already wrote about this exclusive group. However, the boss finally realized that the highly qualified staff succeeded in the task for which it was employed.


They must be specialists in ramp-up, production uptime, cost optimization, and manufacturing engineering. Above all, they must be outstanding communicators and problem solvers.

Members of the 25-person engineering task force would be assigned wherever the biggest challenges exist and report directly to Musk, according to a now-deleted LinkedIn job posting by a Tesla official.

The ‘sole’ requirements were to be a great engineer, address problems in an unconventional way, and make spectacular things happen.


Why, then, is it 25? There is no clear response to that. According to a study in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, teams larger than 25 may have communication problems, are less likely to use agile development methods, and it is difficult to keep everyone informed.

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In addition, people may be reluctant to take on duties if they believe someone else will. However, the size can change depending on how big the operations are. However, 25 appears to be the magic number for Tesla.


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