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Toyota bZ3 Door Handle Issue: Recall of 12,000 EVs in China

The Toyota bZ4X electric crossover, which has also been recalled for a number of reasons, may already be well known to many living here. However, the Toyota bZ3 electric vehicle sold in China is included in this recall.


In October 2022, Toyota unveiled its future bZ3 electric vehicle as the company started its shift to greater electrification in its global lineup. The bZ4x electric SUV came first, and then the electric car.

Toyota is recalling more than 12,000 bZ3 EVs with the assistance of FAW-Toyota in China. The faulty rear door handles are the subject of the recall. BYD Toyota EV Technology, a joint venture between FAW-Toyota and BYD, and the enormous global automaker, produced the bZ3.


Electric vehicles in Toyota’s bZ (Beyond Zero) series have similar platforms and drivetrains. The Subaru Solterra, for instance, is essentially a Toyota bZ4x. In contrast to the other versions, the Toyota bZ3 has an interior that is particularly cutting-edge and high-tech, according to Electrek.

The business began making the bZ3 in March after receiving 5,000 advance orders. On April 16, 2023, deliveries started. Through China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, FAW-Toyota is now recalling 12,205 bZ3 electric sedans just a few months later. The previously mentioned automobiles were created between March 13 and July 5, 2023.

While moving, the doors of the bZ3 could open without warning. They could possibly stay locked, but this is rare. In places with high humidity and high temperatures, there may be a gap where the handle meets the lock as a result of its flawed construction.


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