Toyota Corolla GR Sport Stays Composed In The Moose Test

The twelfth-generation Toyota Corolla is a global player for the Japanese automaker and is presently offered in China, Europe, North America, Japan, and a number of other international markets. A warm variant is offered in place of the full-fledged GR Corolla hot hatch on the Old Continent. The so-called Corolla GR Sport boasts a powerful hybrid combustion engine below its muscular exterior. Recently, the team from tested the automobile around cones to see how well it does in the moose test.
The Corolla GR Sport seen in this video is a Spanish-market 2023 model. Under the hood, a four-cylinder gas engine with electrified normally aspirated cylinders produces a maximum of 196 horsepower (144 kilowatts) and 140 lb-ft of torque pound-feet (190 Newton-meters) of torque between 4,400 and 5,200 rpm. But as we all know, power is not the deciding factor for a good moose test performance.


Toyota Corolla GR Sport

The hatchback’s adjustable suspension features Normal and Sport modes, which is more significant. Falken Ziex ZE914B tires measuring 225/40 are mounted on 18-inch wheels on all four corners of the vehicle. The editors of believe the car is incredibly nimble and agile on bumpy roads after a few days of testing. Is the moose test scenario the same?
The Corolla GR Sport exhibits excellent cornering abilities even on the very first attempt when the driver is unsure of how the car will behave. Even though the test pilot bumps into a few cones, it just takes a few more tries for them to understand the automobile and get the best out of it. The swift hatch ultimately records a top speed of 47.22 miles per hour (76 kilometers per hour) on the moose test, which is a good result for a car that doesn’t belong to the performance segment.

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Choose the GR Corolla if you want a Corolla that is even more capable. The 1.6-liter three-cylinder GR Corolla Circuit Edition engine, which produces 300 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, is back for the 2024 model year. An all-wheel-drive system with adjustable differential and a six-speed manual gearbox are the only means by which the power is transferred to the wheels.



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