2024 Kia K3 Sedan Teased Ahead Of August 8 Debut, Is It A Rio Or Forte?

To promote the new K3, which will be unveiled on August 8 in Mexico City at 8 PM local time, Kia has only released one teaser photograph. If the moniker “K3” is unfamiliar to you, it is the name by which the Forte and Cerato are known in various regions. The interesting part of the narrative begins here, though, as we have heard that the 2024 K3 is not the smaller Rio Sedan’s direct replacement but rather its successor.
Given that the fourth-generation Rio has been available since 2016, while the third-generation K3/Forte/Cerato was released in 2018, logic dictates that the Rio will be the first of the two models to receive a refresh. So that we don’t forget, in March of this year, we published a series of spy pictures (attached  below) featuring a heavily camouflaged prototype of the four-door Rio. Putting two and two together, it is possible this new K3 will replace the Rio Sedan.


Kia Rio sedan spy

The new Rio will really launch later this year, as Kia stated back in April, so the timing looks to be ideal. Additionally, it stated that production would begin in Mexico in the fourth quarter. Given that the launch will take place in Mexico City, it appears that this new K3 is a Rio.
The teaser image below was posted by Kia on its worldwide media website, possibly indicating that K3 will soon be used internationally. Whatever the situation may be, we’re simply glad the South Korean manufacturer is still committed to selling cars rather than going all in on crossovers and SUVs. This official preview raises more concerns than it does answers.
But perhaps not all of Europe will adopt this new  model. A report published by Autocar earlier this year claimed the Rio will be dropped from the Old Continent where the Stonic subcompact crossover is expected to serve as the indirect replacement.



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