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2025 Kia EV5 Electric SUV Leaked In China, Stays True To Concept

The third electric vehicle from the brand to use the E-GMP architecture, the Kia EV5, has been leaked in China.
The exterior design of the EV5 is fully revealed in the pictures released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and picked up by CarNewsChina, albeit it must be noted that the car in the pictures is intended for the Chinese market. However, the Kia EV5 should have a similar appearance in other markets.


Surprisingly, only minimal changes have been made to the production vehicle since the Concept EV5 was presented in March, including the adoption of conventional side mirrors, flush door handles (the concept had no visible handles), smaller wheels, and slightly modified headlights and taillights.

Design-wise, the EV5 is more similar to the Kia EV9 than the EV6, having an upright SUV body type as opposed to the EV6’s elevated hatchback appearance. It appears to be a scaled-down version of the EV9, which it actually is in many aspects.


Leaked Shots Reveal 2025 Kia EV5: A Glimpse of China’s Electric SUV with Conceptual Fidelity

The E-GMP EV-dedicated platform is shared by both models, although the EV5 is smaller and can fit five passengers in two rows of seats as opposed to seven in three. The Kia EV5 has dimensions of 181.7 inches long, 73.8 inches wide, and 67.5 inches high, with a wheelbase of 108.2 inches, as stated in information posted on MIIT’s website.

This puts it at nearly the same length and width as the Kia EV6, but being much taller and having a wheelbase that is 16 inches shorter. The interior of the final model is not seen in the photographs, although it is likely less futuristic than what we saw in the concept.

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The Kia EV5 is equipped with an LFP Blade battery from BYD subsidiary Xiangyang Fudi Battery Co (FinDreams), according to the MIIT file. This battery drives a rear-mounted electric motor with 215 horsepower (160 kilowatts) and 229 pound-feet of torque. Although no information regarding a dual-motor AWD variant has been made public, it’s unlikely Kia won’t provide it in the future.


It’s important to keep in mind that the Kia EV5’s international model might not have an LFP battery; according to a previous claim from The Korean Car Blog, the EV5 will receive an 82-kilowatt-hour NMC pack outside of China, allowing for a range of up to 373 miles.

The joint venture between Kia and Yueda will build the Kia EV5 at its Yancheng plant in China. Since the EV5 is Kia-Yueda’s first China-produced global EV, cars made there will be sold in China and exported to some markets.

On August 25 at the Chengdu Motor Show, the EV5 will make its public premiere; however, pre-sales won’t begin until November.



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