BMW 7 Series Gets Subtle Yet Aggressive Body Kit From Renegade Design

The most recent BMW 7 Series has undoubtedly made ripples in the automotive industry, but not all of them have been favorable. Munich’s trademark design has drawn criticism from admirers and aficionados alike for its divisive appearance. Renegade Design has taken on the task of upgrading the most recent 7 Series (G70) design through its new body kit since where there is criticism, there is also room for improvement.
The company’s unique external design embodies a tasteful fusion of aggression and elegance. While the initial design may have caused controversy, Renegade Design’s kit achieves a delicate balance that improves the car’s looks without taking away from its distinctive personality.


BMW 7 Series by Renegade Design

The package comes with a grille cover, mirror covers, side skirts, a roof, a rear spoiler, and a front bumper lip. Each of these parts has been meticulously created to blend in with the G70’s existing lines, giving it, at least to our eyes, a unified and elegant appearance. Customers have a choice between two distinct finishes: the classy gloss black made of basalt fiber or the more expensive carbon, which is offered in a range of twills.
The availability of Renegade Design’s products throughout the world is one of their most alluring features. Regardless of where you are, you may get this tuning kit and make your BMW 7 Series look more svelte. The tuning shop additionally provides installation services to guarantee  that the transition from stock to customized is seamless and hassle-free. For now, the kit is available for the 740i, 740d, and 760i versions of the latest 7 Series.
As a reminder, the seventh-generation 7 Series made its debut in April last year and went into production in July 2022. Just a few months later, BMW celebrated the two millionth 7 Series produced at its Dingolfing factory. 



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