Rolls-Royce Debuts Amethyst Droptail With An Aerodynamic Wood Surface

One of four models that Rolls-Royce specifically commissioned for a specific client is the Amethyst Droptail. Its introduction comes after the La Rose Noire, which recently broke cover.
The particular Rolls-Royce has a duotone colour scheme on the outside. The gentle purple used as the car’s primary finish was inspired by the Globe Amaranth flower, and the automaker combined it with a deep purple Amethyst paint. While the deeper shade has a combination of blue, red, and violet mica particles to increase the lustre, the softer purple has a silver undertone.


Rolls-Royce Amethyst Droptail

All four corners have 22-inch polished aluminium rims with a mauve-colored inside as a contrast. For the first time, the manufacturer created a grille with a hand-polished and hand-brushed finish. To ensure consistency in the finishes, more than 50 hours of collective labour were required.
The lower intake is located below the grille. Rolls-Royce produced a lightweight composite material for it, and 202 hand-polished stainless steel ingots are painted Globe Amaranth on it. The rear deck’s usable wood surface is located on the aerodynamic rear deck. According to the manufacturer, it is “the world’s only “raw” wood surface that produces downforce” on a brand-new automobile.

The client requested that the automaker develop electrochromic glass with color-changing capabilities. Rolls had to try 60 different glass prototypes before he was happy. When the device is turned off, the glass is entirely opaque and has a purple tinge. Its colour when translucent blends well with the interior’s Sand Dunes brown leather seats.
Soft purples mix with dark wood and contrasting leather inside. To make sure all of the wood fulfilled the same durability requirements as the outside elements, the automaker tested it all. Before the final assembly of the car, the company tested more than 150 samples for more than 8,000 hours, subjecting them to sunlight, rain, and temperature changes.


The Vacheron Constantin timepiece that serves as the focal point of the dashboard was produced by hand in Geneva using a hand-wound mechanism. The clock, which features a bi-axial tourbillon and a bi-retrograde display, may be taken out by the owner and kept apart from the car. The watch’s design, developed in close collaboration with Rolls-Royce, combines the amethyst hue with a white-gold baseplate.
This week, Rolls debuted the La Rose Noire. Its intense crimson shade required 150 iterations to perfect by the company’s paint specialists. The Droptail vehicles serve as an example of the company’s hand-crafted, bespoke car line. The company disclosed its highest-ever commission value last year.

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