Ford Might Make a Bolt-on Tandem Axle Kit for the F-150

Ford appears to be considering embracing the expanding 6×6 craze. Ford may have a solution for customers who require a bit extra weight distribution for their F-Series pickup, following in the footsteps of Hennessey. Ford is reportedly considering releasing a kit to lengthen the bed and install a second rear axle for the F-Series, according to a patent file discovered by CarBuzz. Oh, and an electric motor may also be used to power this third axle. It’s important to note that not all patents are successful. Despite the possibility that this product would never appear in a Ford dealer accessories catalogue, this could simply be an attempt to preserve some research and development work done by Ford employees  or as a box on an order sheet. That’s not to say the idea isn’t kind of genius.


It would be evident that this third axle would require some kind of suspension to connect it to the chassis of the F-Series pickup truck. The additional shock absorbers and leaf springs would be added by the new axles, which would connect to the original main axle.

Of course, a battery or a way to incorporate the motor into the F-Series’ Powerboost PHEV system would also be required with the installation of an electric motor. A new bed and wheel covering option would also be required.


This idea might never be implemented outside of Ford’s research labs. But given that companies like Hennessy provide six-wheeled F-Series, the market is undoubtedly interested.


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