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U.K. Pushes Gas-Car Ban Back Five Years to 2035

The United Kingdom was the first large economy to announce a ban on gas-powered cars by 2030 and hybrids by 2035 when it did so in November 2020. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared on Thursday that the ban would be advanced by five years. Sunak is delaying the internal combustion ban due to a lack of voter support, but he still wants to retain the U.K.’s aim of attaining net-zero emissions by 2050.


According to Reuters, he remarked in a news conference that “if we continue down this path, we risk losing the British people and the resulting backlash would not just be against specific policies, but against the wider mission itself.” Sunak added that the United Kingdom could afford to go more slowly in the direction of its net-zero emissions target since it is  “so far ahead of every other country in the world” in this regard.

Despite not having the largest automobile market in the world, the U.K. nevertheless has a significant impact on the industry. Its action in 2020 warned the public that additional prohibitions on internal combustion vehicles were coming, and that turned out to be the case. The EU first suggested banning gas-powered cars by 2035, but Germany has subsequently voiced opposition to the idea. Although there is political opposition, the EPA has put up a plan in the US that would effectively require two-thirds of EV sales by 2032.


Sunak’s revisions have angered automakers, who must make extensive plans in advance due to the high cost and lengthy process involved in developing a new model.

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“Our company depends on the British government for three things: ambition, dedication, and consistency. A lowering of 2030 would jeopardize all three, according to Lisa Branklin, head of Ford UK.

Due in large part to efforts by powerful economies to forbid the sale of gas-powered vehicles, automakers are investing billions in the development of EVs. The market for EVs may decline if those prohibitions are postponed or even reversed.



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