Volkswagen Previews Faster ID.7 Model With ID.X Performance Concept

Just a week after showing a first look at how the brand’s signature performance car will go electric, Volkswagen has debuted another concept illustrating its electric performance goals. This one is based on the ID.7, a flagship sedan unveiled in April.


The concept is called ID.X Performance, although the basic car underneath is clearly an ID.7. As you might expect from a modern performance EV concept, the ID.X Performance is headlined by a dual-motor system producing 551 hp over an all-wheel drive setup. Both the function of its dual-motor setup and the rear differential are controlled on a secondary display beneath the larger main interface.

That is a notable change from the current Golf R, which buries dynamic controls behind a confounding series of menus that, in some cases, actually requires finding and selecting the correct portions of a 3D model of the car. Given that the screen is apparently dedicated to such controls, it would hopefully be an improvement.


The ID.X Performance’s large rear wing, which is attached to the car’s comparatively tiny decklid, distinguishes it from the ID.7 standard model’s less extreme look. The ID.X Performance has bigger 265-inch wheels hidden beneath black-accented fender flares, and it sits aggressively 2.3 inches lower than the ID.7 regular. The front splitter and rear diffuser are both made of carbon, giving the vehicle a touring-car appearance.

Expect the ID.X Performance to serve as a preview of either an ID.7 GTX or a more extreme model, similar to the car’s equivalent of a Golf R. Volkswagen aims to utilize the GTX badge on its performance EVs. If the concept for an ID.7 ever goes into production, and if the finished product resembles this in any way starts, it will be among the most aggressive-looking EVs on the road.



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