What Is This Hypercar Collection Doing at LAX?

It is highly unusual to see a Ford GT, Porsche 918, or LaFerrari on public streets. It would be a treat to even witness one of these amazing hypercars at a car exhibition. It’s practically difficult to imagine seeing all three of them along with a few other exotics in a rear area of the Los Angeles International Airport. But that is precisely the situation we are in. At least a dozen of the most expensive and unusual hypercars on the planet are shown in a video that was just uploaded to the effspot YouTube channel while they wait to be sent to an unidentified location.


There doesn’t seem to be a single car among the ones seen that is valued at less than seven figures. Each car is hidden by a thin plastic cover and is positioned behind a gate. A McLaren Speedtail, a Porsche 918 Spyder, and a McLaren Sabre are all displayed in the first row, going left to right. The value of those three vehicles is around $8 million. But the more you look, the wilder the collection becomes. There is a Bugatti Chiron, a Lamborghini Centenario, and a black Ferrari LeFerrari. There are three Koenigseggs in this collection—two Regeras and an Agera RS—so whoever owns them must also have a thing for them.

If you look closely, you will see a Porsche 911 that Gunther Werks has modified. Amazingly, this Porsche 911 might be the least valuable vehicle here. Aston Martin One-77, Pagani Huayra BC, and a Ford GT are also present. The total value of these vehicles can likely approach $50 million dollars. I’m hoping the owner selected the baggage insurance. Even getting the money back in the worst-case scenario would not provide much comfort. These are incredibly uncommon automobiles that would be difficult to replicate. A Lamborghini Centenario won’t appear in the classifieds of your neighbourhood paper.


Who the owner is and what these cars are doing here are the biggest mystery. Are they being transported to a new garage as a part of a private collection? Are these intended for a show of some kind? Have they been seized and kept as evidence because they belonged to someone who was on the wrong side of the law? They might be on their way to a collector-car auction. We are unsure. All we can say is that it’s unlikely we’ll see $50 million worth of hypercars parked at an airport very soon.

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