Why the New Ford F-150 Has a Lower Max Payload Than the Old One

In the truck battles, there is a straightforward rule. Numbers are continually rising. No matter if it’s the most horsepower, most cupholders, or the largest towing capacity: The trucks of this year must offer more in each category. We were therefore startled to learn that the maximum payload for the new F-150 has decreased compared to the model from the previous year for 2024.
The 2023 F-150 has a maximum towing capacity of 3315 lbs. That figure drops to 2455 pounds in 2024.


A decrease of 860-lb seems apocalyptic. But it won’t really matter for the trucks that people actually order. Although that 3315-lb figure gave Ford lots of bragging rights, actual buyers hardly ever ordered a vehicle with those particular options of hauling capacity. It required you to get a 5.0-liter V-8 single-cab 4×2 truck with an eight-foot bed, the Max Trailer Tow package, and the Heavy-Duty Payload package. That last package is what gave it the 800-lb payload advantage over the rest of the lineup, but Ford axed it to limit configurations.

“The F-150 still has the best maximum payload capacity in its class in 2024. A Ford official told Road & Track that the removal of the Heavy Payload Package for the 2024 model year lowered payload.
For the new F-150, the manufacturer paid special attention to reducing order complexity. That entails getting rid of as many packets as you can. It’s not surprising to see the Heavy Payload Package off the list considering how rarely it was ordered and how many modifications it required (new springs, tires, drivetrain cooling, etc.). Particularly considering that Ford still has the highest maximum payload of any of its competitors, the official said. You’ll need a heavy duty truck if you want more than that.


“Based on how we know customers really use their vehicle and running our business, we’re streamlining our products the business more efficiently,” the spokesperson told R&T. “We’re also bundling the most popular features and making it even easier for customers to quickly build, price, and order the F-150 that best meets their work and recreation needs. This results in many benefits: higher quality, improved customer experience—easier for customers to order and dealers to stock, and faster to turn the units.”

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