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2024 Toyota Crown Special Edition Previewed With Matte Paint

Until the introduction of the sixteenth generation in 2022, we hardly ever got the chance to discuss the Crown because the long-running nameplate has primarily been a Japan-only business. The most prestigious Toyota after the Century is now marketed as a high-riding sedan and a crossover, with a larger SUV and a normal sedan set to go on sale in Japan in the coming months. The most prestigious Toyota is no longer a single model but a family of multiple vehicles.


Toyota is putting the finishing touches on the first special edition of the hacked-up saloon as it follows the confusingly called Crown Sport (the crossover) that was shown last week in the Land of the Rising Sun. Although this car is sold in the US, the new limited-run model will be a JDM-only affair. It’s based on the locally available RS Advanced, the flagship trim level, and comes with an exclusive matte paint job as well as “other special features” that aren’t specified.

While the price isn’t specified, it will undoubtedly be higher than the 6,400,000 yen (almost $43,000) Toyota is asking for the RS Advanced trim when it goes on sale in Japan in December. Customers will be able to purchase from newly built specialized Crown dealerships in Tenjin, Fukuoka (Fukuoka Toyota) and Tsuzuki, Yokohama (Weins Toyota Kanagawa). In the near future, three more are expected to start operations: Toyota Mobility Tokyo in Tokyo, Toyota Aichi in Chiba, and Toyota Chiba in Aichi.


It appears that Crown is developing into a sub-brand to set the four models apart from the standard Toyota lineup. The even finer Century sedan and the recently introduced SUV may only be ordered from so-called Century Meisters found at specific dealerships, thus these four vehicles are not the only ones that are sold at select dealers.

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All four of the original models will be on display at the Crown dealerships, and potential buyers will be able to test drive them. While the building’s design “expresses the worldview of the Crown brand,” Toyota is constructing opulent lounge rooms and planning networking events for owners. After this first special edition is released, subsequent Crown models will also produce limited-edition variations with extra knickknacks.



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