Funky Renault 4WD Truck With Electric RWD Would Make A Neat Nissan

Distinguishing it from the Nissan Navara, which was rebranded as the unfortunate Mercedes X-Class, the Renault Niagara is a theoretical compact truck featuring an intriguing powertrain. It is a hybrid double cab truck with an electric motor powering the rear axle and a mildly hybrid gasoline engine powering the front wheels. The ute features four-wheel drive for go-anywhere capability when the two cooperate.


The French company notes that the Niagara “can handle half of your everyday drives in full-electric mode,” i.e., it can be used as an electric truck with rear-wheel drive after the internal combustion engine is turned off. Although the battery pack isn’t stated, the pickup seems little, and the electric power lasts for only half a day, the pack must be small.

2023 Renault Niagara

The Renault Niagara is 193 inches long, which is less than the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick, according to our colleagues at Brazil. It shares a unibody construction with the two tiny trucks we just covered because it is built on the CMF-B platform. It boasts large all-terrain tires with plenty of suspension travel and three spares—two in the cargo bed and one on the roof.


Since Renault claims the Niagara foreshadows an inexpensive pickup truck for Latin America, don’t expect to see this badged as a Nissan in the US very soon. Although it appears a little extravagant in typical concept manner, a more production-ready version will be revealed in the first half of 2024. Before 2027, the actual truck is expected to go on sale. It will probably be a replacement for the Oroch, a little and inexpensive pickup with Dacia roots.

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