Nissan Hyper Punk Is An Edgy SUV Concept For Influencers

At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, which will be held in Tokyo the following week, Nissan will be well-represented and have a ton of equally outlandish concepts on display. The fourth car that has been made public so far is a highly angular small crossover with 23-inch wheels and more creases than we can count. With the headlights and taillights perfectly incorporated into the body surface, the abundance of polygonal shapes gives it the appearance of an SUV made in the style of origami.


The interior is as futuristic and does away entirely with traditional controls. It actually lacks any traditional buttons or knobs because all the settings seem to be contained inside a small number of touch-sensitive keys on the jagged steering “wheel.” The driver sits surrounded by pieces with an origami theme.  inside what Nissan refers to as a “mobile creative studio.” That’s because Hyper Punk is apparently tailored to influencers and content creators.

Nissan Hyper Punk concept

To that aim, Nissan has installed onboard cameras that record the vehicle’s surroundings and then use artificial intelligence to create scenery in the style of the Magna. The three screens installed on the dashboard, which include a vertical display mounted in the centre and two horizontal screens on either side, are then used to display the transformed photos. AI also serves a secondary purpose by automatically detecting the driver’s mood and altering the interior lighting and music to improve mood in conjunction with biosensors installed in the headrests.


Technical details are lacking, which is hardly surprising given the impossibility of putting this bizarre idea into production. On October 25, the electric crossover will have its public debut at the Japan Mobility Show and will also be made accessible in Fortnite. It is currently being shown off alongside the previously unveiled Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, and Hyper Tourer designs on a 3D billboard in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighbourhood.

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