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2024 Saleen White Label Mustang Is More Powerful And Cheaper Than Dark Horse

One of the first aftermarket companies in the US to work on the new Ford Mustang from the S650 generation was Saleen, an American tuning company started by race driver Steve Saleen. The first teaser picture was unveiled in April of this year, and now Saleen is revealing the 2024 White Label Mustang. Why should this excitement be yours? because it has a significant power increase and significant design changes.


Starting with the outside, the car may not appear drastically different at first glance, but there are modifications to the front fascia, such as a new splitter in the lower part of the front bumper and a new hood vent, both of which have a more aerodynamic shape. How the styling appears much subtler compared to the Mustang Dark Horse but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

2024 Saleen White Label Mustang

The new flat decklid spoiler is one of the most noticeable modifications at the back. The bumper diffuser is largely unaltered, however the rear side winglets and the panel as a whole have a yellow accent line. Along with the Saleen emblem, that line continues into the side skirts and is seen on the grille and front bumper lip spoiler.


However, we are aware that you are probably here to see the power figures. The 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine of the Ford Mustang GT produces 480 horsepower when it is in stock form. By increasing the output to 510 horsepower, Saleen surpasses Ford’s own Mustang Dark Horse by 10 horsepower. According to Saleen, the mill retains its initial fuel efficiency and “easy drivability.” Additional performance upgrades include a new Gen 5 Racecraft suspension, as well as Saleen brakes and five-spoke wheels.

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How much does it cost? The 2024 White Label Mustang is nearly the same price as the base Mustang Dark Horse, with Saleen demanding at least $61,990 for it. The starting price of the latter is $62,150, which includes destination and a $1,300 gas-guzzler tax. Saleen claims that more potent Yellow Label and Black Label models, with 745 horsepower and 800 horsepower, respectively, will be released soon. However, no specific information is currently available.



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