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2025 Hyundai Tucson Gets Redesigned Dashboard That Brings Back Buttons

Hyundai has been releasing new products domestically in South Korea and then bringing them to other markets one at a time in recent years. That’s not the case, though, as pictures of the updated compact crossover were released by the carmaker’s UK division. The front grille has been redesigned, and new skid plates have been added to give the Tucson a wider appearance even if the exterior may still appear more similar.


From Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, mid-cycle updates usually bring quite drastic modifications, and this Tucson is no exception. The dashboard has been totally redesigned, giving the interior the appearance of being from a next-generation vehicle. Now that it’s been aligned with
the Ioniq 5’s by grouping the two 12.3-inch screens within the same housing. As with the electric crossover, the Hyundai logo on the steering wheel has been replaced by four dots, which is Morse code for the letter “H.”

2025 Hyundai Tucson (Europe)

Redesigned switchgear has also resulted in a pleasantly surprise increase of conventional controls compared to the previous model. In addition to traditional buttons, there are two rotating knobs for the AC that have built-in screens, as well as two more silver knobs for the volume and other settings. The new, smaller centre air vents blend in with the outside vents to create the appearance of a continuous, dashboard-wide vent.
We can see more changes as we examine the dashboard more closely. For instance, it appears like the steering wheel column now houses the gear selector. It enabled Hyundai to redesign the centre console with two sizable cup holders, a large wireless charging pad, and a row of buttons ahead of them. We must be looking at a high-end version given the nice stitching on the door cards and dashboard, along with perforated leather on the seats.


That is all Hyundai is willing to reveal for the time being. Considering that the Tucson has already entered the 2024 model year in the United States, this update is unlikely to be offered until the 2025MY. Meanwhile, additional images will be published in the coming weeks, and we’re being told there will be new wheel designs to choose from.

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