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2025 Toyota Camry: Everything We Know

The carmaker is prepared to replace the 2017 introduction of the current generation Toyota Camry. On November 14, its replacement will make its public debut—Toyota has begun to tease this. Here is all the information we currently know about the new Camry, with the reveal just around the corner. What Name Will It Have? The Toyota Camry was initially introduced in 1983, and the brand is still being used by the corporation today. Toyota has no intention of renaming the sedan, which now stands as the fifth best-selling vehicle in America, only for show. Toyota should provide a variety of trim options, just like the present model. We hope the lineup keeps the TRD variation available, and it should go from the base LE to the top-of-the-line XSE.


How Will It Appear?

The automobile may have been the subject of a cryptic teaser released last month (see below). The front end has a new appearance that resembles the 2023 Prius’s style, particularly the headlights, and there might be more visual similarities. It’s obvious from the most recent teaser that this is the Camry. It will include revised taillights and the CAMRY wordmark will be placed higher on the trunk.

What Will It Look Like?

A mysterious teaser published last month could have been the car (below). The front end has a fresh look that mimics the styling of the 2023 Prius, especially the headlights, and there could be further similarities. The most recent teaser is quite clear it’s of the Camry. It will have new taillights and a new location for the CAMRY wordmark higher on the trunk.


What Is Found Inside?

What will power the new Camry is unknown. The most recent teaser image displays a HEV emblem on the trunk, suggesting a hybrid powertrain—which we doubt is the only one available. Toyota also offers the present model with only internal combustion engines, and the upcoming model ought to keep offering a variety of options.

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Toyota may provide the car with the Hybrid Max engine, which combines two electric motors with a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged gas engine. The carmaker pairs the 340 horsepower system in the 2017 Crown with a paddle-shift six-speed automatic transmission. In the TRD, that would be entertaining.



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