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2026 Renault Twingo Prototype Is A Perfect Retro EV Throwback

Renault unveiled a production-ready prototype of the next Twingo hatchback on Wednesday; the vehicle is scheduled to go on sale in 2026. The design of this prototype suggests that the upcoming Twingo, which will be entirely electric, would resemble the original Twingo hatch from the 1990s.


The design of this Twingo prototype is very different from that of the outgoing model, which had a distinctive rear-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration and a corporate front. The overall form is similar to the first-generation Twingo, but the fascia is a sweet, contemporary interpretation of the original car’s whimsical, happy headlight design. Even the offset triple vent holes on the bonnet of the new car are present, but they are much more noticeable and protrude from the body rather than sitting flush.

2026 Renault Twingo Prototype

Although it has not yet released any details, Renault claims that the next Twingo will have an amazing efficiency rating of up to 6.2 miles per kWh. To put things in perspective, it would outperform the rear-wheel drive Ioniq 6, which can only get 4.2 miles per kWh, to become the most efficient electric car available for purchase in the United States.


Using the same “AmpR Small” modular architecture, the new Twingo will fit under Renault’s upcoming electric Renault 5 hatchback and its tiny SUV, the Renault 4. Ampere, the little electric vehicle company of the Renault Group, will be in charge of design, engineering, and manufacture.

According to Renault, the new Twingo will start at “under €20,000,” or about $21,700 using the current currency rate. An very alluring starting price given the majority of EVs available today  are too pricey for the average buyer to afford.

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That combination of attractive design, impressive efficiency, and affordability makes the fact that we’ll likely never see the new Twingo for sale in North America all the more tragic. The most we can hope for is this car inspiring automakers with dealerships on this side of the pond to take small, cheap EVs more seriously.



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