China’s Latest Electric Super Sedan Looks Outlandish And Has 1,287 HP

Another day, another Chinese-made electric car. We have a fairly unique model this time around that claims to reach 60 mph in just over two seconds. Let’s introduce the new HiPhi A before moving on to other numbers.


For those who don’t know, HiPhi is a Chinese electric vehicle company that specializes in creating high-end, high-performance vehicles. No, we’re not referring to the Nissan Z when we say that the new HiPhi A is based on the Z. Things have gotten worse after the business presented a large, 600-horsepower electric liftback vehicle in March. The company assures us that we won’t just be working with graphics; an actual vehicle will be on exhibit at the next 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show starting Friday. The first customer deliveries are scheduled for early 2025.

2025 HiPhi A

The A is propelled by three electric motors, while the Z is equipped with a dual-motor electric drivetrain. There are two at the back, one for each rear wheel, and one on the front axle. This system was created internally and has a maximum output of 1,287 horsepower. The battery pack that provides the electricity has an unspecified capacity and should be able to discharge up to 1,500 kilowatts at its maximum. The 800-volt electric architecture, which forms the basis of the powertrain, was developed internally by the firm and has the capacity to sustain its maximum output for over half an hour. Consequently, the EV’s maximum stated speed is 186 miles per hour.


The A model replaces the standard air suspension system, which is shared with the HiPhi Z, with a new torque-vectoring system, adaptive dampers, and a rear-steering configuration. Additionally, according to the manufacturer, the electric performance vehicle has an ideal 50:50 weight distribution. To make this new model a reality, HiPhi collaborated with Apollo Automobil, the business behind the Intensa Emozione and G2J electric supercars.

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In the upcoming months, HiPhi plans to release additional information. Given that the company already has showrooms in Germany and Norway, we are interested to see if the new A will be offered in markets other than China. However, don’t get your hopes up for a US release.



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