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Ferrari Says If You Order A Car Today, You Won’t Get It Until 2026

If you can afford a brand-new car that is bearing the legendary Prancing Horse, you’re going to have to wait a long time. After the company’s positive Q3 statistics were announced, Ferrari’s CEO told reporters that the order books are “at highest levels.” According to Benedetto Vigna, the Italian exotic brand has enough orders for the whole year 2025 since demand is that high. In essence, it indicates that orders placed now won’t be filled until at least 2026.


Ferrari has had a fantastic start to 2023, as evidenced by the fact that deliveries through September increased by 524 to 10,418 vehicles, or 5.3 percent more than in the first nine months of the previous year. Considering that the Purosangue was still in the ramp-up phase, so production of the SUV hadn’t reached full output. Bear in mind production of the high-riding Ferrari will be capped at no more than 20 percent of the entire annual output.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue: First Drive

For the record, in Q3 2023 hybrid vehicles outsold all-electric vehicles for the first time in Ferrari history. Of the 3,459 vehicles delivered between July and September, 51.3% had an electrified drivetrain. That’s even though the lineup consisted of only four hybrid vehicles and no less than seven ICE cars.


Regarding electrification, Vigna stated that the first Ferrari electric vehicle will be available in Q4 2025. Remarkably, the chief executive stated that the development team is ahead of schedule “for certain procedures.” In the meantime, a brand-new facility designed especially for hybrid and all-electric vehicles will open for business in Maranello in June 2024.

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Ferrari predicts that by 2030, hybrid vehicles will account for 40% of its yearly sales by EVs, and the remaining 20 percent by ICE cars. Although it seems gasoline-fueled cars are facing a gradual discontinuation, Vigna said “ICE still has a lot to do,” adding synthetic fuels could extend its life.



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